Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute

A Program of the International Spiritual Healer Professional Associaton/ISHPA.COM

Licensed Spiritual Healers

Professional Education Leading to Spiritual Healer Licensing 

for those Certified in a Healing Technique...

Professional Education

Our Beginning

The Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute was founded in 2010 by Randall Loop, LMT, MLC, LSH, OM. and is a Program of the International Spiritual Healer Association/ishpa.com. The idea of an Institute arose as a result of his personal journey and the steps he took in the rediscovery of his true nature, that of a Spiritual Healer. 

Over 300 Spiritual Healers have been Professionally Educated with the Institute to date.

Our Mission

The Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute mission is to create worldwide professional acceptance for those who possess Spiritual Healing Techniques, are Verified and Certified with the International Spiritual Healer Professional Association, the Natural Therapies Certification Board or any other Verifiable Certification Organization within the Natural, Holistic, Complimentary, Wellness, Alternative, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Allopathic, Integrative, Ministerial and other like minded Professions.

Our Purpose

The Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute provides Professional Education to equip those Certified in a Healing Technique with the ability to operate Professionally, Ethically, with a Legal Informed Consent Form and Spiritual Coaching Skills

Successful completion of these courses qualifies those Certified and Educated to make application to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer.

We also continually develop courses that will aid in the Continued Education of Spiritual Healers.

Spiritual Healer Licensing 

If you are Certified or Training in a healing technique/modality and by completing our Professional Education you may become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) through one of the following Licensing Member Organizations with the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards. 

Prerequisite: Verified as Certified or Training in the use of a healing technique, successful completion of Practices, Ethics, Informed Consent Form, Spiritual Coaching Skills Course for everyone and Anatomy & Physiology in certain instances.

As a result of completing our Professional Education you may become a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH) any other Licensing Member Organization of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards.

Those who are Licensed may use any spiritual abilities, talents, gifts or healing techniques listed here (within certain legal parameters and within the guidelines of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards) to help those seeking their services to regain and improve their state of Spiritual Wholeness or Balance. The person seeking their services decides when Spiritual Wholeness or Balance is achieved.   

The Licensing offered is NOT a Federal, State, County or City Issued License in any jurisdiction of the United States of America or abroad. but, is of an Ecclesiastical Nature and Validates those retaining the License as Spiritual Healer Coaches anywhere. 

If you are an Un-Certified Healer

Certification in a healing technique is required before Licensing may occur. Find a healing technique that interests you and seek out Certification. 


The Institute is Endorsed by the following:

Randall Loop, LMT (randallloop.com

LightWithin Ministries (lightwithin.com)

SomaEnergetics (somaenergetics.com)

Natural Therapies Certification Board (ntcbcertifications.org)

Academy 4 Coaching/NTCW (academy4c.com)

Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards (fshlb.net)

Center for Armoatherapy Research & Education (raindroptraining.com)

AromaSounds® Raindrop Harmonics (intigrativemedicineofkentucky.com)

Bliss-Point Education Association (bliss-point.com)