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The techniques listed below are available on this website:

  • The Essene Foot Technique is a physical body healing technique presented in two videos by the Grandmaster of the Modern Essenes. This technique is a personal reflexology session.
  • The Essene Hand Technique is an emotional body healing technique used to resolve emotional issues. This technique is a combination of acupressure and reflexology.
  1. How to use a Pendulum is a series of four videos that teach you how to use a pendulum. This teacher also has other free teaching materials on You Tube.
  2. The Body Compass is a coaching tool that empowers the person using it. The Body Compass is also known as "The Lean Technique."

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Other Free Links

We obtained permission from the Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services (NTCRS), Paula King (PKCRS) and the Natural Therapies Coach Workshops Network to republish these free materials:

  • Overview of Codex Alimentarius - This audio presentation is widely acclaimed as the best overview of how the drug industry is eliminating all competition that threatens their monstrous profits. This presentation was compiled by NTCRS.
  • Words to Avoid Using - If you're not licensed, you really must read this!
  1. A Great Internship - Learn how to become an expert under the guidance of an expert.
  2. Stress Management - Reducing your stress is the secret to healing yourself. Teaching and helping others to manage their stress is the secret for them to heal themselves.
  3. My Legal Obligations as a Healthcare Practitioner - Understand your legal obligations before you advertise and see clients. 
  4. Resolving and Avoiding Conflicts with License Boards - The best defense is a good offense and that means to avoid conflicts with license boards as much as possible.

In 1967, Hans Jenny, a Swiss doctor, published the book Cymatics - The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations.