Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute

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SHPLI Student Comments

Comments by Graduates of the Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute.

Format was great!  I loved the class material.  I learned an entire new set of skills rather effortlessly.  I am using the coaching skills in my professional work.

    - Diane Lee, Sunrise, FL.  Please contact with questions at [email protected]

The review of the Correspondence Course was extremely beneficial.  The clarification Tim provided was vital to overall understanding and customizing my practice to conform to current standards of professionalism.  I had some expectations before getting here, but what I received was so far away and above anything I imagined.  

     - Geoff Parris, Weston FL.  Please contact me with questions at [email protected]

The weekend was very beneficial in my healing work.  I had some concern since I was not a SomaEnergetics Practitioner - but it made no difference at all.  I appreciate all the work done on our behalf to advise us of the licensing situation and to provide a way to obtain training.

     - Monica Vance. Cincinnati, OH

Weekend was very beneficial for working with clients. It was especially helpful to "review" the ethics and informed consent form portions of the correspondence course. 

     - Susan Baas, Columbus, OH - OK to contact with questions [email protected]

Everything was wonderful.  I felt I gained so much in helping me tell my story and especially how to stay "present" with my clients.  Thank you so much.  Both instructors were excellent teacher and coaches!

     - Chris Stafford, Lambertville, MI

The review of the correspondence course was beneficial.  It was especially helpful to leave with the consent form finished.  I was happy that I had red through the course but had not yet submitted it.  Doing a life story was a very interesting experience exercise, especially how we will relate to clients.

     - Daria Ewanik, Franklin Park, NJ - OK to contact with questions 732-821-5677 or [email protected]

Everything was covered very well.  I understand everything much better than when I just read the course.  It really tied it all together for me and made it all connect. This course is so worth it to becoming a professional. I would recommend it to every energy practitioner.

     - Sara Gerhardt, Cincinnati, OH - OK to contact with questions 513-378-2482